Spring capsule wardrobe recap

Hello everyone! I hope you had a fantastic weekend.

I’m in the middle of my spring capsule wardrobe. It was late march when I started thinking about doing a capsule wardrobe and, although we have had really changing weather, I sticked with it (although to be honest, I had cheat a bit). But at this point I feel confident to share how I’m doing so far with my spring capsule wardrobe (and when I didn’t follow the rules).

Adequacy of the clothes to the weather.

Spring weather has been really unstable. There has being some rainy days, colder and windier days and really hot days. The clothes that I picked initially weren’t suitable for all of this changes. I wish I had picked a parka or trench coat for rainy days, or another pair of shoes which were more suitable for rain. And this is the part when I explained when I cheated 😉 on the colder days I had to reach for a winter coat and my winter clothes, because my spring capsule clothes weren’t anywhere near to be suitable for that weather. I also have included a cotton sweater for chilly days, when I didn’t feel like wearing shirts.

Pieces I’m wearing the most.

My blue denim jacket and my Adidas Stan Smith are the pieces I’m wearing the most. To the point that I´m getting a little bit tired of them and I wish that I had included other pieces. I have been wearing my blue denim jacket almost everyday, although at the beginning of the capsule wardrobe I wore more my oversized denim jacket, because it was more appropriate for colder days. I have been wearing my trainers everyday except on a really cold day when I had to wear boots.

Clothes I had added.

As I mentioned before I had not added any pieces to my capsule wardrobe, except for a cotton sweater. Initially I only choose shirts and t-shirts but on chilly days, when I needed to wear more cosier clothes, I had reach for a cotton knit sweater, so I decided to included it in my wardrobe. On the other hand I hadn’t shop for any clothes since I started my capsule wardrobe.

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So these have been my thoughts after reaching half of my spring capsule wardrobe. If you have a capsule wardrobe for spring share your thoughts, I´ll be glad to learn from your experience too. I will be doing another post to share all of my thoughts and what I´ve learned when the spring capsule is over.

Thank you for reading!



Capsule wardrobe: Denim jacket

Hello everyone! I hope you had a fantastic weekend.

As we aren’t into summer yet, we still have some chilly days. For those colder days I have chosen to include in my capsule wardrobe two denim jackets. I think denim jackets are a good piece to incorporate in your capsule wardrobe because they are very versatile as they can be pair with many different colours and styles. They can be worn in different seasons, so you can incorporate them in different capsule wardrobes.

Today I’m going to share ideas on how I style denim jackets, or if you don’t own a denim jacket and are thinking on getting one, this could help you decide which type of denim jacket fits more your personal style.

  • Colour: blue denim or light/bleached blue denim: I´m not going to consider other colours because for me the ideal colour for a basic denim jacket is blue denim, and by basic I mean something you could wear for several years without getting bored of it. Blue denim or bleached denim are both colours that will match most of your outfits, but for my experience blue denim colour is the most versatile of both. Blue denim match darker and lighter colours, whereas sometimes with bleached denim I´m not totally convinced of how it goes with lighter colours.
  • Washed denim jacket: when choosing the color it is important to decide whether you want or not, a washed denim jacket. Washed denim gives the appearance of a worn out piece and made it more casual. I really like a light washed effect, I think it gives the piece more personality.
  • Shape: oversized or fitted denim jacket: I like to wear my oversized denim jacket and oversized pieces in general with fitted clothes. So usually I wear my oversized denim jacket with skinny jeans. With my fitted denim jacket I like to wear loose fit pants or loose tops. For colder or windy days I also prefer to wear my oversized denim jacket instead of the fitted one.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Which style of denim jacket do you prefer?

Thank you for reading!

Spring capsule wardrobe

A while ago, I shared that I was going to create a capsule wardrobe for the spring season. It turns out that the climate where I live has been changing a lot. We went drastically from really cold temperatures to almost summer temperatures.

Therefore, my capsule wardrobe could not follow usual rules.
I have done my approach to a capsule wardrobe by means of adapting it to my needs and the weather conditions.

I decided not to choose 33 pieces. I pulled out of my wardrobe the clothes that work better with the actual weather and my lifestyle, which are:

  • 2 denim jackets: one oversized and the other one more fitted.
  • 5 shirts with middle length sleeves: thow in different shades of khaki, two with stripes and one in a light blue colour.
  • 4 pairs of pants: two pairs of fitted navy pants, a navy with white stripes loose fit pair of pants, a pair of grey skinny jeans, and a pair of light pink skinny jeans.
  • 2 pairs of shoes: a pair of Adidas Stan Smith trainers and a pair of black trainers which are similar to the Superga model.

I haven’t include t-shirts, but I think I’m using 4 t-shirts in rotations: a grey one, one in white with navy stripes, a khaki one and one in burgundy.

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My capsule wardrobe is not composed of 33 pieces. I’ll use the pieces that I have chosen until the weather changes and the temperatures rise. I think that this is what works better for me. Ultimately this is what you should aim for, when doing a capsule wardrobe, just look for something that will fit your lifestyle, and your needs, because that’s how you can incorporate it in your life.

I’m going to share my ideas on how to create a capsule wardrobe thats fits your lifestyle:

  1. Start choosing the pieces that you usually wear according to your lifestyle, that means you should take into account your job, your hobbies, what do you spend more time doing, and which clothes make you feel more comfortable on those situations. If you live in a country with stable weather I think it makes sense to choose 33 pieces, but if you don’t, choose less pieces, because chances are you’re going to change those pieces in a short period of time, to adapt your wardrobe to the change of temperatures.
  2. Separate the pieces you had chosen from the rest of your clothes. I think that this is very useful for creating a capsule wardrobe, at least this has help me a lot. Basically, because seeing the together, will make easier to came up with new outfit ideas, without using other pieces, and you will realize that you can use only the pieces you had chosen. I like to use a rack of clothes, because having the clothes in sight makes everything more visual, I can create more outfits, I know what I will be wearing.
  3. Adapt the capsule wardrobe to yourself: If you’re starting with a capsule wardrobe the best way to keep doing so is to enjoy it. If you need to use something you hadn’t choose, feel free to use it and incorporate it in your capsule wardrobe. The aim of a capsule wardrobe is to feel good with the clothes we already own, find our own style and to not have the urge to constantly shop for clothes that we won’t use, or any objective you might have in mind. As long as you feel that you are achieving those objectives, you should be fine, regardless of the number of pieces your incorporate to your capsule wardrobe.

Thank you for reading!

Creating a capsule wardrobe

Hello everyone!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend.

Spring is right around the corner and I’m very excited for the upcoming season. I’m ready to leave behind the freezing mornings, the windy afternoons, the rain… And I’m specially excited because I can store my coats and boots and wear again more colourful and lighter clothes.

A couple of years ago I found out about capsule wardrobes, and slow fashion. Since then I’ve been constantly trying to find more information regarding those topics and I’ve being changing the way I shop for clothes and trying to develop my personal style.

This winter I’ve been wearing the same clothes on rotation and hardly done any shopping. That had made me realise that I’m ready for a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe consists of choosing a number a pieces that can be worn together and create different looks. For me the number of clothes of a capsule wardrobe is a personal decision, but I usually see capsule wardrobes that consists of between 30 and 40 pieces, which includes shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, shoes…

My idea is to do a capsule wardrobe for the Spring season. I think it will be easier for me to do my first capsule in spring, because I will be able to wear lighter clothes and wear layers if it gets chilly. I wont need to incorporate coats or boots, therefore I’ll have more space for tops and bottoms to create different looks with.

For me this is an exciting challenge. I think it won’t be very difficult. But at the same time I know it can be challenging to come up with different outfits and not to get bored of wearing the same clothes on rotation.

So as this will be my first capsule wardrobe, I can’t give you any advise yet, but I can share the steps I’m following to create my first capsule wardrobe for the Spring season:

1. Begin with an organised wardrobe: Before choosing which pieces you want to include in your capsule wardrobe, organise your wardrobe to know what you have and what could work with the rest of pieces of your capsule. I had published a post before on how to declutter your wardrobe.
2. Choose the pieces you want to include in your capsule wardrobe taking into account your lifestyle.
3. Choose the clothes you want to include in your capsule wardrobe taking into account your style and a colour palette, so it will be easier to combine those pieces together and create different outfits.


Thank you for reading!

Perfect closet. 2. Shopping smartly

Hello everyone!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend. I’ve spend all weekend in my home recovering from a flu, I hope next weekend I will be completely recovered.

A couple of weeks ago I did a post on the first step for having a perfect closet. For me that first step is to declutter your wardrobe, get rid of the things you no longer wear and organise your closet to make easier choosing what you’re going to wear.

I think that the next logic step is to build a closet that suits your personal style, which starts with deciding wisely what pieces you want to add to your closet.


“Buy less choose well”: probably most of you had read this quote, in Tumblr, Instagram, blogs… I’m sure it became so popular because it is such a good advice. For me choosing well means:
1. Buy clothes that suit your personal style. Personal style is very important because it reflects who you’re and how you want to present yourself to other people. Adding to our closets only clothes that suit our personal style will make more sense than having very different style clothes together.
2. Choose quality over quantity. This will ensure that your clothes will last longer and maintain a better appearance over several seasons. Look for thick fabrics, which are well sewed. Choose cotton, wool, and other quality fabrics over other fabrics that will deteriorate faster with less use. Having good quality clothes will contribute to achieve a better look.
3. Choose the trends you want to follow. I think that this is directly linked with buying only clothes that suit your personal style. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t follow trends, but it is important to be wise choosing which trends we want to follow. Ask yourself questions such as: does this trend suit my personal style? Is this trend going to last for some seasons? Will I wear this for several seasons? Will I feel comfortable wearing this trend?
4. Try to add the essential pieces each season. If you get used to following the previous steps, you’ll find that you add less pieces to your closet each season. But even if you achieve that, I think it is important to have a closet with a reasonable amount of clothes to make it easier for you to choose what you’re going to wear. Asking the following questions will help: do I have similar clothes already? Can I wear this piece with other clothes that I already own?

I hope that this has been helpful.

Do you have any tips for achieving the perfect closet?

Thank you for reading!!

Grey nail polish. Essie Take it Outside


Hi everyone!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend. We’re at the end of February, and I feel that this month has flown away. I’ve recently started blogging again and I’m still figuring out what things or topics I want to post. In the mean time I’am sharing the things that I enjoy. It will be great if you leave in the comments any suggestions of posts.

Today I’ve decided to do a post on nail polish. I have to say that I love neutral colours for winter in clothes and in nailpolishes, since I think that neutral nail polishes compliment really well wintery and autumnal colours. On summer I’m on the mood to wear reds or corals nail polishes, but in winter I stick to neutrals.

With that been said, I had to be the biggest fan of Take it Outside nail polish from Essie. I love Essie’s nailpolishes because they are really easy to apply, and I get good results by using also a good top coat. Nothing bothers me more than wasting my time doing my nails, and at the end get a bad result, so I’ve learnt that for doing your nails, it is better to use good quality nail polishes.

Take it Outside is a greyish, pastel tone, that in my opinion suits every skin tone. It is a neautral and chic colour. I think it is a good colour if you want to wear a pastel nailpolish but not the usual pink tone.


Natural light

I’m not sure if Essie has discontinued Take it Outside, because I couldn’t found it on their website. So in that case, I will suggest trying Master Plan from Essie, which is a bit darker that Take it Outside, but still a similar greyish tone.

Thank you for reading! And remember to leave any suggestions for future posts.


Perfect closet. 1. How to declutter your closet

Hi everyone!

I hope you’re having a fantastic weekend.

Today I am starting a new series of posts in the blog, regarding how to achieve your perfect closet.

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The first step towards having a perfect closet, will be to start with what you actually have, decluttering and cleaning your closet.

  1. Take a couple of hours or more, to go through all the clothes you own. Maybe you have some clothes that you haven’t worn for a while, separate that pieces from the rest of clothes that you actually wear.
  2. Decide if you want to keep the pieces that you separated previously. If you had decided that you no longer want to keep those pieces, and they can still be worn, you can give them to friends or relatives, donate them or sell them.
  3. Selling the clothes you no longer wear. Giving your clothes to family and friends or donating them to charity, wont take any effort or time, but selling your clothes is totally different. I had previously sold clothes that I didn’t wear, and found out that it is time consuming, so take that into account if you have a tight schedule.
  4. Once you had decided which pieces you want to keep, it’s time to organise your closet. There are plenty of ways to organise your clothes, you just need to figure out which one suits you better.
    For example, I like to hang all my coats together, then my jackets, shirts, and pants, in that order. I fold my knitwear organising them by colour. Finally I have plastic boxes to store the clothes which I’m not wearing, because they’re from another season, or in winter I store my blouses or light knits, which I don’t wear when it’s really cold. By organising my clothes in that way I make sure, that I only have in sight what I really need, and that I won’t lose time sorting through a pile of clothes.

blog 10022018 2

So this has been the first post of the series of posts on how to have the perfect closet.

How do you prefer to organise your closet?

Thank you for reading!