Hair care. Dry shampoo

I used to wash my hair every other day and, I even had wash my hair daily, since I love how loose recently wash hair looks.

I started noticing how dry my hair was. I thought it was because of how long it was, or maybe that I wasn’t taking good care of it. Even though I had a haircut and change my hair care routine, it was still dry.

Recently I got Batiste dry shampoo, since I didn’t want to wash my hair too frequently. I used baby powder, but I don’t recommend it, as it doesn’t leave your hair as good as a dry shampoo does.

Since I’m using Batiste I only wash my hair twice a week, and it definitely has help me to have a healthier hair.

I used Batiste whenever I feel that my hair is starting to get oily, which usually happens the day after I wash it. I comb my hair after using it to eliminate any residue. Some people find it very hard to eliminate the residue, but I think using a comb instead of a brush will help with that.

I have Batiste Tropical which has a coconut, tropical scent that last until I wash my hair.


Batiste is vegan, which means no animal products have been used to make it. It is also cruelty free.

I have used Klorane’s dry shampoo before, which some people prefer over Batiste.

I want to try COLAB dry shampoo, which is a dry shampoo launched by Ruth Crilly, from A Model Recommends blog.




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