Skin care I

My skin care routine has changed recently, after having my skin really dry I switched the products I was using, and it definitely has improved since then.

la foto (1) (1)

After I have a shower I will apply an oil, before drying. Choosing a good oil is really important, I used to apply an oil that wasn’t nourishing and ended with really dry skin. The oil I’m using at the moment is an almond oil,although is not 100% almond oil it is really nourishing and is suitable for sensitive skins. The oil in the picture has argan on it, it is from the same brand as the almond oil, “Instituto Español”, their products are made in Spain and are cruelty free.

la foto22

The rosehip oil is also a favourite of mine. Just make sure you choose the pressed rosehip seed oil that is extracted from the seeds of a wild rose bush (Rosa moschata or Rosa rubiginosa) in the southern Andes. These oil improves the appearance of the skin.

For body cream I use Nivea,but only in the areas areas that are prone to get dry. And for nourishing my hands I use a regular hand cream.

la foto 33


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