Natural mascara

I wanted to try a natural mascara for a while, since I don’t like wearing regular mascaras as I feel that they don’t get removed easily and during the day I feel uncomfortable wearing them.

I haven’t realized that Physicians Formula was available in Spain, so when I noticed that my local store was selling their products I decided to get a natural mascara from them.

la foto (9) (1)

The mascara that I chose is 100% made out of natural ingredients, and it’s free of chemicals, synthetic preservatives, parabens, fibers and dyes, and 70% of its ingredients are from organic farming. The brush is made out of recycled plastic.

I really like the fact that this mascara is natural, and doesn’t have chemicals and dyes, therefore is suitable for sensitive eyes.

I’ve been using this mascara every day, and even though it doesn’t give the lashes the volume a regular mascara do, this mascara defines the lashes and gives them a natural volume, which I find appropriate for an everyday makeup look.

la foto (10) 1

I also don’t feel uncomfortable during the day wearing these mascara, I can’t notice that I’m wearing it.

I have noticed that it is very easy to remove. The mascaras I’ve used were waterproof, so I could expend a lot of time removing them, and they won’t remove completely. With this mascara that hasn’t happened, as it removes very easily.

As for the packaging and the brush, I have like the plastic brush, I think it helps with defining the lashes and it doesn’t leave clumps. For giving volume to your lashes and defining them you have to expend time with the brush, and I also think it is important to use an eyelash curler, but I think that applies for every mascara.

la foto (11) 1

I’m very pleased with these mascara and I’m definitely going to try the others from Physicians Formula.


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