Inecto hair treatment

Before using natural products, I was aware of the effect of silicones in the hair, so back then I already used a silicon free shampoo, but not a silicone free hair treatment.

Hair products with silicones leave the hair shiny and without freeze by creating a coat in the hair. But that coat doesn’t let hair treatments to nourish the hair. I stopped using silicone shampoos since I noticed that after washing my hair it was really heavy, it didn’t feel clean. I kept using a regular hair treatment since I didn’t use it on the roots.

Since I’ve decided to use natural products, I wanted switch my regular hair treatment to a natural one without silicones.

I found Inecto’s hair treatment in my local store , and after collecting information from the brand, since I had never heard of it, I decided to try it.

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Inecto is a British cosmetic brand, with up to 90% of their product’s ingredients from natural origin. Inecto’s product’s main ingredients are argan oil and coconut oil. They also work with the farms that provide them the oils to warrant that their products are made with sustainable ingredients.

Some people make their own hair treatment with these ingredients, but I find very convenient to have them together in a product, without having to make them myself, if I’m in a rush.

The Inecto’s hair treatment really smells like nature, is a true natural scent that I enjoy, I can compare it with other products that have coconut scent but aren’t natural, and definitely I can tell the difference between the two scents. I’ve noticed that the smell doesn’t last in the hair, which I find reasonable as this is a natural product.

As for how it leaves the hair, Inecto’s hair treatment is a 90% natural product, therefore it won’t give a shiny hair or frizz free hair, since it doesn’t have silicones on it. I share the opinion of some reviews that I’ve read about this product, that considered this product more as a conditioner than as a hair treatment.

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This product will clean your hair and make detangling easily, it also will nourish your hair gradually, but if you have a very damaged hair I think this product is not enough to repair it.

I’ve liked this product specially because it doesn’t make my hair heavy, I definitely can tell the difference in my hair by using this product from when I used the hair treatments with silicones.

Another thing I like about these product is the packaging; I like that the container is a tube, therefore water or dirt can’t get on it, which usually happens with the regular hair treatment’s packagings.

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