Dr. Organic Virgin Olive Oil Body Scrub

I buy natural products from my local store. It is a shop that sells all kinds of beauty products, but they have a place in the store which is dedicated to natural and organic products.

I wanted to get a natural body scrub. After reading tons of ingredients on the products, I decided to go to the place where the natural products were located, and I found Dr. Organic’s products.

Dr. Organic is a natural and organic hair, body and oral care products brand. They use all natural ingredients in their products and emulsifiers, emollients and preservatives permitted by Organic Cosmetics Standard.

They not only use natural ingredients, they use mainly organic ingredients, which means that the ingredients in their products are grown without using pesticides and fertilizers.

Dr. Organic is an affordable brand with different lines to choose from, and I’ve noticed that prices vary depending on the line you choose. They have a range of organic aloe vera, organic pomegranate, organic tea tree products, among others.

The products I’ve bought from Dr. Organic are the “Organic Virgin Olive Oil Body Scrub” and the “Organic Pomegranate Toothpaste”.

Today I’m going to write about the body scrub. It’s from their organic olive oil product’s range. The products from this range are indicated for people with dry skin.

la foto (17) (1)

The ingredients on this product are organic olive oil, aloe vera, sweet almond oil, cotton seed oil, lemon, thyme, among other natural ingredients.

la foto (20) (1)

I’ve liked this scrub since it’s really soft on the skin, the particles are really small so it isn’t harsh on the skin. After using this product, the skin feels really soft and moisturized. As I said this scrub is really gently, so it doesn’t give a deep exfoliation to the skin, which makes it suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

la foto (21) (1).jpg

It’s difficult to describe the smell of this product. But I’ll try. It’s a soft smell, it doesn’t smell like olive oil, but is a fresh smell. The smell doesn’t last on the skin. It isn’t a smell that I really enjoy, but I’m fine with it since this is a natural product.

The product doesn’t indicate how often it can be used, but since it’s really soft I think it could be use once a week, and it should be follow with a deep moisturizer, I use an argan oil and honey body butter.

la foto (19) (2)


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