Natural makeup removers

Since I started using natural cosmetics I somehow have felt that I wasn’t being all the coherent I could be. I started using natural products because I wanted to have a less impact in nature, by means of using cruelty free cosmetics and organic cosmetics, but I feel that the best way to care of the environment is by reducing my consumerism habits.

And somehow I just realized that the most natural cosmetics are those which are pure and not mixed with other products.

Some products must be bought as I guess we can not replace them with natural ingredients, but there are oils that can be used as cosmetics, and even do a better job than the first ones.

I’ve been using castor oil and almond oil to remove my makeup, and I’m not going to turn back to the store’s makeup removers.

I’ve found that the oils are more gentle with the skin. At first it was hard to get use to the texture, but I’ve got used to it.

I use castor oil to remove my eye makeup. I like this oil because the texture is denser than other oil’s textures, and it’s said that this oil is good for growing your lashes and eyebrows.

For removing the face makeup I use almond oil. Even though it takes more time to remove the makeup with this oil, I still prefer this oil over a regular makeup remover, since this oil moisturizes the skin.



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