Clay face mask

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Clay masks are a good option to help cleaning the skin, specially if you have oily or combination skin. They help to reduce impurities improving your skin’s appearance.

Depending on your skin type you can do a clay mask once or even twice a week, as always it is important to see how the skin reacts to the mask.

For oily skin clay masks can be applied all over the face, for combination skin they can be applied on the oily areas of the face, the forehead, nose and chin.

As for how to apply it, the clay should be mixed with water, you can add organic honey if you want it to moisturise your skin. Once you’ve applied the mask is very important to remove it before it is completely dry. If you leave on your skin the clay mask until it is completely dry, the mask will absorb the moisture, causing dry skin. So when the mask starts to dry you should rinse it.

What is your favourite face mask?
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Hair care

Hair care is one of the trickiest things. Finding a hair care routine that works for you is difficult, because we have a lot of products to choose from, yet I feel that some products don’t do what they claim.

In a previous post I mentioned that I don’t use hair products with silicones. While I think is a good choice, depending on your hair type you’ll love to avoid silicones or the opposite. If your hair is damaged, consider doing an intensive repair treatment before starting using silicon free products.

I’m trying to find natural products that suit my hair needs. These are the ones that I’m using:

  • Apple cider vinegar. This is a natural ingredient that has a lot of benefits for health, people use this vinegar for multiple purposes. I use it only for my hair and once a week. I wash my hair, applying my shampoo and conditioner and finally I spray this vinegar (mixed with water, you can add one spoon of vinegar to a glass of water), I let it onto my hair for some minutes and then I rinse my hair. I prefer to use this amount of vinegar to avoid the smell in my hair, nevertheless when the hair has dried it won’t smell. After using this vinegar the hair is softer and without frizz. Using an organic vinegar is better.
  • Castor oil. This oil is regularly used for hair growth, specially eyelashes and eyebrows, but it can be use in hair too. Sometimes we’re not aware of the amount of hair that we lose, I think this is in part because of the use of chemicals in shampoos. Once a week I massage my scalp with castor oil an hour before washing it. This helps hair growth and moisturises the scalp.
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Apple cider vinegar and castor oil

Apart from using these products, avoid regular use of hair tools, such as curling irons and hair straighteners, to help improve your hair health. Also braiding your hair before sleeping will prevent your hair getting tangled, and therefore hair loss.

How do you take care of your hair?

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Oil Cleansing Method

Hello everyone! A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about removing makeup with oils, I’ve recently found out that there’s actually a method of cleaning with oils, which is known as Oil Cleansing Method.

This method consists in using natural oils instead of regular cleansers for doing your daily face cleaning. As with every skin care routine, we all have different skin types, therefore this method should be adapted to your skin type, by using specific oils or deciding if you want to do this cleansing method daily or once a week, etc.

The oils that I use are castor oil and almond oil. I want to add other oils to my routine like jojoba oil, or switch the almond oil with avocado oil. Castor oil is a deep cleaning oil, so this can be used in any oil cleansing method, and then add another oil of your choice. As second oil I’m using almond oil because is very nourishing.

The amount of oil that you use also varies depending on your skin type. I use a lesser amount of castor oil, since this oil is very thick and it can cause dry skin.

Also remember to choose cold pressed oils, as this method preserves the oil properties, and also organic oils.

These are the steps:
1. Apply the oils on your face and gently massage into skin. You don’t need to remove your makeup previously.
2. Dip a cloth into hot water and hold it in your face until it gets cold. The steam will open your pores allowing a deep cleansing. Then clean your face with the cloth.

After you can put your moisturizer. Remember that you can do this daily, or once or twice a week, this depends on your skin type, and how this works for you.

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Castor oil and almond oil



Summer makeup esseantials

I don’t know about you, but in summer I’m not fond of wearing too much makeup. With the hot temperatures and the kind of activities we do in summer, I think that a lighter makeup is the best option.

These are the products that I usually wear

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1. Estée Lauder BB cream. 2. Physicians Formula mascara. 3. Ecotools blush brush. 4. Physicians Formula twin concealer. 5. Benefit lipstick. 

1. BB cream. These products are more lighter than foundation, therefore you won’t feel your makeup heavy on the skin. They don’t have as much coverage as foundation, but they help to even out the skintone.

2. Mascara. For summer a waterproof mascara is a good option, but I rather use a natural one since is suitable for sensitive eyes. The only thing you have to keep in mind if you use a natural mascara in summer, is that this can smudge.
3. Brush. For applying powder products. One with loose hairs won’t apply a lot of product, avoiding a cakey look.
4. Concealer. To correct the areas you want to conceal. Apply over it translucent powder.
5. Lipstick. Usually I don’t wear lipstick, but if I do I wear one that matches my lips colour.

I haven’t included powder and blush, but the former is essential for setting concealer or in the T zone, I prefer using a translucent one.

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What are your essential summer makeup products?


Planning your next trip

Happy 4 of July to all the American readers! Since we’re on summer and most of us have holidays on this season, I’ve decided to share some of my tips for planning a trip.

Planning in advance your trip is really important to get the most out of it, save money and avoid incidentals.

These are some tips that I take into account for planning my travels.

  • Booking in advance your plane tickets. Ok, this is a pretty obvious one, but what if you haven’t done that? If you start planning your trip a few days before it is actually taking place, buying your plane tickets in advance won’t be possible. In this case I think that the best option is being flexible with your destination. The reason for this is that the price of plane tickets fluctuates depending on the season and destination, so if you can’t afford to travel to a certain place, you can look for alternative options and plan on travelling to that place on another time.
  • Buy transport passes. For moving around the city instead of buying a single ticket for public transport, buy a ticket for a day.
  • Prepare a schedule. Having a schedule with all the places you want to visit will save you time, and allow you to make the most of your trip.
  • Stay in apartments or hostels instead of hotels. In some destinations hotels can be quite expensive in certain seasons. Consider booking an apartment or hostel.
  • Travel with the essential. By travelling with a few items, the essential things you need, you will avoid paying for excess luggage, and it will be easier to move around not only in the airport but as well from the airport to your accommodation, specially if you use public transport. Besides we really don’t need many things for travelling and enjoying new places 😊

I hope that these tips are helpful, and I’d like to know your tips for planning your holiday trip!


Color correcting concealer

I think that every makeup look, for everyday or for special occasions, the concealer plays an important role. That’s why we should try to find the concealer technique and products that suits our needs.
I’ve recently incorporated colour correcting in my daily makeup routine. This technique consist in applying a colour (yellow, green…) over the areas you want to correct, and then applying over it your regular concealer or foundation. The first colour will cover the colour that we want to conceal, since concealer or foundation won’t cover certain colours.
The colour correcting technique is based upon the colour wheel. The colour that is across another colour in the colour wheel can be neutralized by the second one.


The most used colours for colour correcting are yellow and green. Yellow covers dark circles (purple or blue toned), and green covers red areas.
I’ve being using Concealer Twins from Physicians Formula. Mine is in yellow and light. I blend the yellow tone in the undereye area, and then tap over it the light tone.

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