Color correcting concealer

I think that every makeup look, for everyday or for special occasions, the concealer plays an important role. That’s why we should try to find the concealer technique and products that suits our needs.
I’ve recently incorporated colour correcting in my daily makeup routine. This technique consist in applying a colour (yellow, green…) over the areas you want to correct, and then applying over it your regular concealer or foundation. The first colour will cover the colour that we want to conceal, since concealer or foundation won’t cover certain colours.
The colour correcting technique is based upon the colour wheel. The colour that is across another colour in the colour wheel can be neutralized by the second one.


The most used colours for colour correcting are yellow and green. Yellow covers dark circles (purple or blue toned), and green covers red areas.
I’ve being using Concealer Twins from Physicians Formula. Mine is in yellow and light. I blend the yellow tone in the undereye area, and then tap over it the light tone.

concealer 2 edited

concealer 3 edited

concealer 4 edited



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