Oil Cleansing Method

Hello everyone! A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about removing makeup with oils, I’ve recently found out that there’s actually a method of cleaning with oils, which is known as Oil Cleansing Method.

This method consists in using natural oils instead of regular cleansers for doing your daily face cleaning. As with every skin care routine, we all have different skin types, therefore this method should be adapted to your skin type, by using specific oils or deciding if you want to do this cleansing method daily or once a week, etc.

The oils that I use are castor oil and almond oil. I want to add other oils to my routine like jojoba oil, or switch the almond oil with avocado oil. Castor oil is a deep cleaning oil, so this can be used in any oil cleansing method, and then add another oil of your choice. As second oil I’m using almond oil because is very nourishing.

The amount of oil that you use also varies depending on your skin type. I use a lesser amount of castor oil, since this oil is very thick and it can cause dry skin.

Also remember to choose cold pressed oils, as this method preserves the oil properties, and also organic oils.

These are the steps:
1. Apply the oils on your face and gently massage into skin. You don’t need to remove your makeup previously.
2. Dip a cloth into hot water and hold it in your face until it gets cold. The steam will open your pores allowing a deep cleansing. Then clean your face with the cloth.

After you can put your moisturizer. Remember that you can do this daily, or once or twice a week, this depends on your skin type, and how this works for you.

Thanks for reading!

FullSizeRender (2)
Castor oil and almond oil




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