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I hope you had a fantastic weekend. We’re at the end of February, and I feel that this month has flown away. I’ve recently started blogging again and I’m still figuring out what things or topics I want to post. In the mean time I’am sharing the things that I enjoy. It will be great if you leave in the comments any suggestions of posts.

Today I’ve decided to do a post on nail polish. I have to say that I love neutral colours for winter in clothes and in nailpolishes, since I think that neutral nail polishes compliment really well wintery and autumnal colours. On summer I’m on the mood to wear reds or corals nail polishes, but in winter I stick to neutrals.

With that been said, I had to be the biggest fan of Take it Outside nail polish from Essie. I love Essie’s nailpolishes because they are really easy to apply, and I get good results by using also a good top coat. Nothing bothers me more than wasting my time doing my nails, and at the end get a bad result, so I’ve learnt that for doing your nails, it is better to use good quality nail polishes.

Take it Outside is a greyish, pastel tone, that in my opinion suits every skin tone. It is a neautral and chic colour. I think it is a good colour if you want to wear a pastel nailpolish but not the usual pink tone.


Natural light

I’m not sure if Essie has discontinued Take it Outside, because I couldn’t found it on their website. So in that case, I will suggest trying Master Plan from Essie, which is a bit darker that Take it Outside, but still a similar greyish tone.

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Things I’ve loved in summer

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Hello everybody!

I think it’s time for doing a summer favourites, before we get into autumn. These are the products I’ve liked the most from the ones that I’ve been using during summer. Even though this is a summer favourites all of the products that I’m going to mention can be used all year round. I’ve shown you some of these products before but after using them for a while I can do a more in depth review.

Dr. Organic body scrub

The ingredients in this body scrub are all natural. It doesn’t contained microbeads on it, some body scrubs contained plastic microbeads (polyethylene and polypropylene, on the ingredients list), but this product exfoliates with micro particles of pure volcanic lava. This scrub is really gentle to the skin and it leaves it moisturized.

Rosehip seed oil 

This oil moisturizes the skin and improves its appearance making it softer. There are different oils which are sold as rosehip seed oil, but the one that works better is the rosehip seed oil from Chile. Another thing I love about this oil is that it has a dispenser which makes it easier to use.

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Physicians Formula Concealer Twins

This concealer has a yellow shade for correcting the under eye area and a light shade for neutralising yellow tones or blend above the colour correction. I love this concealer because it really helps to conceal the under eye area, and the texture is really creamy. This concealer is fragrance free, which means that it doesn’t dry the skin, and as all Physicians formula products is cruelty free. One thing I don’t like about it is the fact that it is only available in one shade, I wish they’d have a wider range of colours to choose from that will suit different skin tones.

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Inecto Coconut Hair Treatment

I love this hair treatment, it smells of coconut and the smell lasts in your hair after you’ve washed it. This is a good hair treatment if you want to avoid silicones, it softens the hair and makes it easier to style.

If you want to share your summer favourites comment below!

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Summer makeup esseantials

I don’t know about you, but in summer I’m not fond of wearing too much makeup. With the hot temperatures and the kind of activities we do in summer, I think that a lighter makeup is the best option.

These are the products that I usually wear

Photo numerada
1. Estée Lauder BB cream. 2. Physicians Formula mascara. 3. Ecotools blush brush. 4. Physicians Formula twin concealer. 5. Benefit lipstick. 

1. BB cream. These products are more lighter than foundation, therefore you won’t feel your makeup heavy on the skin. They don’t have as much coverage as foundation, but they help to even out the skintone.

2. Mascara. For summer a waterproof mascara is a good option, but I rather use a natural one since is suitable for sensitive eyes. The only thing you have to keep in mind if you use a natural mascara in summer, is that this can smudge.
3. Brush. For applying powder products. One with loose hairs won’t apply a lot of product, avoiding a cakey look.
4. Concealer. To correct the areas you want to conceal. Apply over it translucent powder.
5. Lipstick. Usually I don’t wear lipstick, but if I do I wear one that matches my lips colour.

I haven’t included powder and blush, but the former is essential for setting concealer or in the T zone, I prefer using a translucent one.

IMG_0597 (1)IMG_0599 (1)
What are your essential summer makeup products?


Color correcting concealer

I think that every makeup look, for everyday or for special occasions, the concealer plays an important role. That’s why we should try to find the concealer technique and products that suits our needs.
I’ve recently incorporated colour correcting in my daily makeup routine. This technique consist in applying a colour (yellow, green…) over the areas you want to correct, and then applying over it your regular concealer or foundation. The first colour will cover the colour that we want to conceal, since concealer or foundation won’t cover certain colours.
The colour correcting technique is based upon the colour wheel. The colour that is across another colour in the colour wheel can be neutralized by the second one.


The most used colours for colour correcting are yellow and green. Yellow covers dark circles (purple or blue toned), and green covers red areas.
I’ve being using Concealer Twins from Physicians Formula. Mine is in yellow and light. I blend the yellow tone in the undereye area, and then tap over it the light tone.

concealer 2 edited

concealer 3 edited

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Natural makeup removers

Since I started using natural cosmetics I somehow have felt that I wasn’t being all the coherent I could be. I started using natural products because I wanted to have a less impact in nature, by means of using cruelty free cosmetics and organic cosmetics, but I feel that the best way to care of the environment is by reducing my consumerism habits.

And somehow I just realized that the most natural cosmetics are those which are pure and not mixed with other products.

Some products must be bought as I guess we can not replace them with natural ingredients, but there are oils that can be used as cosmetics, and even do a better job than the first ones.

I’ve been using castor oil and almond oil to remove my makeup, and I’m not going to turn back to the store’s makeup removers.

I’ve found that the oils are more gentle with the skin. At first it was hard to get use to the texture, but I’ve got used to it.

I use castor oil to remove my eye makeup. I like this oil because the texture is denser than other oil’s textures, and it’s said that this oil is good for growing your lashes and eyebrows.

For removing the face makeup I use almond oil. Even though it takes more time to remove the makeup with this oil, I still prefer this oil over a regular makeup remover, since this oil moisturizes the skin.


Natural mascara

I wanted to try a natural mascara for a while, since I don’t like wearing regular mascaras as I feel that they don’t get removed easily and during the day I feel uncomfortable wearing them.

I haven’t realized that Physicians Formula was available in Spain, so when I noticed that my local store was selling their products I decided to get a natural mascara from them.

la foto (9) (1)

The mascara that I chose is 100% made out of natural ingredients, and it’s free of chemicals, synthetic preservatives, parabens, fibers and dyes, and 70% of its ingredients are from organic farming. The brush is made out of recycled plastic.

I really like the fact that this mascara is natural, and doesn’t have chemicals and dyes, therefore is suitable for sensitive eyes.

I’ve been using this mascara every day, and even though it doesn’t give the lashes the volume a regular mascara do, this mascara defines the lashes and gives them a natural volume, which I find appropriate for an everyday makeup look.

la foto (10) 1

I also don’t feel uncomfortable during the day wearing these mascara, I can’t notice that I’m wearing it.

I have noticed that it is very easy to remove. The mascaras I’ve used were waterproof, so I could expend a lot of time removing them, and they won’t remove completely. With this mascara that hasn’t happened, as it removes very easily.

As for the packaging and the brush, I have like the plastic brush, I think it helps with defining the lashes and it doesn’t leave clumps. For giving volume to your lashes and defining them you have to expend time with the brush, and I also think it is important to use an eyelash curler, but I think that applies for every mascara.

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I’m very pleased with these mascara and I’m definitely going to try the others from Physicians Formula.